Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Approaching...almost here!

What could we possibly be talking about?


Football means tailgating or having folks over to watch the away games.  In ANY CASE it means eating, food, beverages and associated side dishes and condiments.

Well, to our fans that means either you are the cook, the guest or asked to bring a side.

Cooks...look at our recipes. If you want to make one up and send it to us, we'll test it and post it on our web site.  If you want to use our ketch with smoked meats, try the Special Reserve...or try a little of each.  If you want some gulf shrimp cocktail or maybe a pound or so of boiled, spiced shrimp, put our ketchups out on the table...a separate little dish of horseradish might be appropriate for those who are overly set in their ways...but most people report the Drippin' Sauce Ketchup by itself is a great dip for your scrimp.

In any case, Cooks, you can get a package of all four flavors at a reduced price over the list price of four bottles.

Guests...instead of the traditional bottle of wine or other gift for the host, get them a Gift Box Sampler.  It's about the cost of better wines and includes three bottles (you pick the flavors you want) in a nice gift package.

The Rest of You....maybe you just want to bring a small but tasty gift.  Try the 4 x 4 fl oz bottles (it's a follow on to last year's popular "Tailgate Trio" but this year we have a fourth flavor and will offer a sampler with all four flavors.

In any case use or take Drippin' Sauce Ketchup to your next football gatherings.

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