Monday, August 13, 2012

Question: Gluten Free?

Another question that comes up every once in a Drippin' Sauce Ketchup gluten free?

The legal answer is that none of our ketchup flavors are "certified" as gluten free.

To the best of our knowledge, however, the ingredients we use do not contain any gluten and the facility in which they are cooked does not, as far as we've been able to determine, make products or use ingredients that contain gluten (i.e., no wheat or wheat flour).  So, although not certified as gluten free we believe our products are either no or low risk.

Given that some people have real serious gluten allergies, we would recommend they only use certified products; on the other hand, many people are choosing gluten-free products as a choice not as a health requirement and they can use their own judgement whether to choose our products or not.

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