Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weight Watchers Score

First, the disclaimer.

Our products have not been submitted to any authority associated with Weight Watchers (TM) so the following is anecdotal.

Last weekend a customer stood at our table at the Lakeway Commons Farmers Market on Sunday.  Looking at this woman, it was clear that the normal spiel about our products ("Drippin' Sauce, Ketchup with a Flair for Flavor, is made from scratch with all natural ingredients in Dripping Spring, Texas") was not appropriate; her attention was focused on her smart phone.

When customers are on their phones one ought to be patient, let them finish their business and then assess how to introduce them to our products.

While still focused on her phone she picked up a bottle of Sweet Onion looking at the nutritional label...then the Mild Chipotle, and the Hot, then finally the Special Reserve.  Well, the patience was worth the short time.

When she finished her business on the phone, she looked up and said, "You're gonna like this!"  As she completed her sentence she turned the phone towards me and said, "I just entered all your information into the Weight Watchers phone app and it gives your product a 'score' of zero!"

Not being very knowledgable of Weight Watchers scores, it took me a second to understand that zero is the best score you can have.  I guess weight watchers add the scores of the foods they eat up to some maximum level per meal, day, etc.  So a score of zero means they can have as much as they want without it affecting their consumption of other food items...that's good.

Oh, the customer bought a bottle of Drippin' Sauce Ketchup knowing she could enhance other foods on her menu without adding to her Weight Watchers score.

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