Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taste Texas

A new retailer has joined our ranks.  Their store is about to open at the well-known "Oasis" off RR 620, overlooking Lake Travis (what lake there is at this time.)

Nick Pieschel is the proprietor of "Taste Texas" and is establishing a store focused on Texas made items (including, of course, Drippin' Sauce Ketchup).

His plan is to open for business in the next couple of weeks....look him and his store up on the web at http://www.taste-texas.com/

We wish him all the success possible with his new venture.

Fredericksburg Wine and Food was Great

A little over a week ago we participated in the Fredericksburg Wine and Food Festival.  It was a well run event with large crowds partaking in the wonderful food, wine and artisan offerings.  We were proud to be a vendor at that event and recommend it to all vendors and food/wine lovers wherever you might live.

We look forward to similar events, such as the Texas Fest (11/16 in Horseshoe Bay, Tx) and Christmas on Mercer St (12/1 in Dripping Springs, Tx).

Look for us at those events and at our usual farmers markets and local retailers.

Get Holiday Orders in Early

As mentioned before order early for the Holidays and get 10% off the Gift Boxes and Samplers.

Some have asked...can we order early and have our order shipped to arrive just in time for Christmas?


Place an order, in the comments tell us what day you want the order to arrive at your recipients' address and we'll insure that the order goes out to arrive on the exact day you want it to.  With FedEx we can insure that, with UPSP we can at least get it close (maybe a day early, but not likely a day late).

Especially if you want the "Holiday Taster" (4 x 4 fl oz bottles), get the orders in early.  The bottles we use are cute, but require a special order for us to obtain them and there in lies the potential issue....should the orders overwhelm us and we need more 4 oz bottles quickly it might put your order up against a tight deadline.  Ordering from us early let's us know what demand is looking like and allows us to get the supplies needed to ship your order on time.

Hope that helps.