Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Food (and Ketchup) Trends

According to the Chinese lunar calendar 2013 is the Year of the Snake, but in terms of food 2013 is the year for locally produced, high quality, nutritious foods.   Virtually everywhere you read (e.g., USA Today, Food Business News) the experts see consumers buying items where the ingredient list consists of words everyone can pronounce and the nutritional label says the contents are healthy.  And, consumers trust their local artisans more than they do the big producers to meet their needs while helping the local economy at the same time.
According to Food and Wine magazine, “Small-batch food businesses are the next big thing….” Artisanal food is what consumers are buying and consumers, according to the experts, are buying it mainly at local specialty shops, restaurants, mobile food vendors, and farmers markets.  Julie Hall of Schneider Associates states, “We think Artisanal food products are reflective of consumers backlash of mass produced products… being inundated with products from China.”  
I think it is because people are willing to pay a little more for food that tastes great from people they can trust!
For almost two years now, Drippin’ Sauce Ketchup has been gathering rave reviews, proven by high levels of repeat and referral sales, at farmers markets and events throughout the region.   Why?  We believe it is because we already meet the consumer trends that the experts see occurring in 2013 and beyond.
·       Our ketchups are made locally in Dripping Springs, Texas.
·       Made with all natural ingredients, the best that we can find (no HFCS for example).
·       Our nutritional labels prove we care about healthy living (compare our sodium content to the others).
·       And, we have tasty products that people simply love!
If you haven’t considered Drippin’ Sauce, Ketchup with a Flair for Flavor, now is the time.  If you are a retailer now is the time to add Drippin' Sauce to your shelves and get ahead of the trend.

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