Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yes, Viscosity of Ketchup - Ours is different!

We advertise "all natural ingredients", how does that affect the thickness?

What you're really asking has to do with "Viscosity" affected by additives in most brands of ketchup, but not Drippin' Sauce.

Most Tomato ketchup has an additive, usually xanthan gum, which gives the condiment a pseudoplastic or "shear thinning" property. This increases the viscosity of the ketchup considerably with a relatively small amount added - usually 0.5%. - which can make it difficult to pour from a container.

Our ketchup has no such additive.

You might notice a minor separation of solids (tomato, onion pieces mostly) from the liquids (mostly tomato juices) if you let our ketchup sit out for awhile.  This is because we refuse to use additives like those big guys do.  (We also use less sodium, fats, etc....check our nutritional label.)  Simply shaking or stirring will solve that issue.

You see, we care more about the health and taste of Drippin' Sauce Ketchup rather than how it looks or how it comes out of the bottle.

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