Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Troops Love Drippin' Sauce

A woman walks up to me at one of the farmers markets we attend…she says, "You're the 'ketchup guy', aren't you?"   (No this is not the start of a joke like those that start with "So, a guy walks into a bar...".)

Seems she is mom to US Army solder who was, until just recently, on duty in Afghanistan.  A short while ago she had sent one of our Gift Boxes (mainly because they ship really nicely) to her son over there.  He shared it with his unit…reportedly they loved it.

So, the unit was about to return to Ft. Campbell, KY and mom was going up to greet them back to the USA.  She took another box of Drippin' Sauce Ketchup…why? "Cause she loved them and knew that they loved some good ol' local stuff!

Ketchup for Valentine's Day?

It might not be candy or flowers but it still might be what someone would love to love you for!

As you might suspect we sell a lot of gift boxes for the Holidays that occur throughout the 4th quarter of every year…add to that a few for Mothers Day, Dads Day and Fourth of July and you might think that's about it.

Well, surprise…we find that people, more than we expected, like to cook using Drippin' Sauce Ketchup and they love gifts anytime throughout the year.

So, we weren't surprised with a little rush for Gift Boxes this week.   If you want one for your favorite Valentine, SHOUT (but do it quickly.)