Thursday, September 4, 2014

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company

I love my associates at the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil company and highly recommend you stop by their store on W. Fitzhugh in Dripping Springs, HOWEVER…

They will no longer be carrying Drippin' Sauce Ketchup.

Here's the story.

Cara is taking on more management of the tasting room and store.  She says they need more shelf space and therefore can't stock my products any more.  That would be fine, EXCEPT, she asserted that the volume of sales were not sufficient.  She said she obtained the data from her POS system.  However, the numbers she used were absolutely incorrect.  She claimed onesies-twosies per month while the actual numbers are significantly higher…by a lot.

She also claimed our margins were not sufficient….albeit by my calculations, we fit within norms of other other products they offer.  She claimed lots of things, none of which seem to make sense, but alas she is now the decision-maker and we have to suffer from her errors.  When we tried to help correct the basis for her decision it was clear she had made her decision, right or wrong, but it is a final decision.

I raise this to let you know that those of you who frequently purchased Drippin' Sauce at their store will have to find other outlets.  Try our website ( or call (512-607-6610) or email me ( and we can help you out.

Word around town is that I am "upset" with her decision.   That is not quite right.  I am upset that someone who used erroneous data wasn't professional enough to acknowledge the facts and, instead, questioned my facts and inputs to her decision.

We'll find other local outlets to give our loyal customers even better options.

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